Pusuk Pass Lombok – The Monkey Forest

Pusuk Park presents an exceptional natural beauty such as the green mountains dotted with thick foliage, steep cliffs and the beauty North Lombok Sea, we can see directly from Pusuk Park Pas.It is more or less reached a height of 1000 m from the surface sea water, the beauties of Landscape will provide the atmosphere that become more meaningful for your travel in lombok island.

One more thing that kept the natural beauty of this place is the wild monkeys that are friendly, the loyal inhabitants of the forest pusuk will enliven your excursions. About hundreds of wild monkeys will be found on the sides of roads in this park, This one of the mainstay of tourism in Pusuk Park Pass, It is the wild monkeys but tame.

When crossing this area, Slow the pace of your vehicle, because it is uncommon, you’ll find another monkey was busy frolic in the middle of the road Roads. pusuk does look like the top that offers a different sensation for the rider and foreigners alike. Protected forests are lush and natural sound to accompany the monkeys that line the roadside.


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